Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Coupon Book

Making a Coupon Book

Materials needed:

One 1” binder

One pack of dividers

One pack of baseball card holders or business card holders

One stack of coupons
*Will need to get more as your coupon book fills up


This should not be rocket science but those of you who need me to explain I don’t mind. What you do first is divide your coupons in groups for example group 1 is dry food, group 2 is frozen/cold food, group 3 is cleaning supply/Laundry, etc.. You can divide your coupon however you want. You can put 2coupons in each pocket of the baseball card holders, sometimes you might have to fold the coupon due to the fact that it won’t fit. You then put them in the binder!! And you’re done!!

*You will have to rotate your coupons because coupons have an expiration date

How many are you broke?? Every penny counts??? Recently I have decided that I should start collecting coupons and I have saved a couple of bucks here and there and it has been very helpful. Warnings don’t buy something just because you think it’s a good deal. Make sure you need it. For ex. We needed hand soap for our bathroom and I found dial soap for 2/$1 so this makes them 50cents each and I had a coupon for 35cents off dial soap so I paid 15cents for SOAP!!!That’s a good deal!! A bad deal would be like buy Olay body wash and get shaving cream for free, well the body wash was like 4 bucks and the shaving cream was like a ?1.47.. Not a good deal!!!

*United and Target take cents off when you bring your own bag. United takes off 5cents and I believe target takes 10cents off. Bags at United are 99cents. Ps. They are selling TTU canvas bags

Keep watch for updates on how to better your inner coupon side. Also look for advice from other couponers.. Thanks for reading.

Stay tuned……

Saturday, July 9, 2011

To go or not To go?? That is the question.....

Every summer my family takes a vacation together and last year we went to WISCONSIN!! I wish we were going again but sadly we are not going =(.. This year my parents want to go to Farmington, NM and i REALLLLLY REALLLY don't want to go!! The reason they want to go is my grandpa is getting older. My reason for not wanting to go is 1. my dad acts different when he is around his family, 2. I have always felt mistreated my entire life of knowing them, 3. Sandra will be there (rolling my eyes) and Last i probably cant take Tazza (my dog)

About 3 or 4 years ago i got into a fight with my dad's sister Sandra and since then nothing else has been resolved, She told everyone sorry except me!! I wont go into detail about the argument but it had to do with my mom side of the family and all i can say is my loyalty will always be with them no matter what.
Maybe I should be the bigger person and just go and make peace with her and also make peace with my grandpa because I think he has been upset with me for not going to see him and for saying i don't feel like i am excepted by the Rivera family..

I have been thinking about going with my family but I don't know if i will have such a  great time =( Today i found out Sandra might be there and i have been thinking of going and maybe making peace, but the only thing now that is holding me back is taking my cute little puppy i cant just leave here!! Like always i will make this decision last minute...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Audrie!!! 06.06.06-12.01.07


Beware this may make you cry….

It has just dawned on me that today is Audrie’s birthday, she would have been 5 years old today =) Audrie was born on June 6, 2006. I remember when Rosalie (her mom) called me to tell me she was born. I was scared b/c she wasn’t due for another couple of months. Turns out she was ok but she was early. She was in NICU for almost 2 months. She finally got to go home and everyone was excited!! Audrie did have some development problems with her eyes and legs and she wasn’t growing like she should but as the year went on she was getting better…

Then in December I get a msg from a friend asking me if Rosalie’s daughter ok b/c she heard she was in the hospital.. I freaked out and called her house like a million times and as I was getting ready for fast Sunday I received a call from Rosalie’s sister and without letting her talk I asked “ is everything ok? What’s going on?” the line went quiet and I said hello.. I will never forget what she said next “ Meekayla, Audrie is gone we don’t know what happen” My heart sank. I didn’t feel like going to church I just busted into tears. I gathered the strength to finish getting ready.. I had to leave after sacrament to be there for my friend..

I hope to never experience losing a child I can’t imagine how hard it is. But I am happy and jealous that Audrie is with are father in heaven.. I am jealous that she doesn’t have to face the challenges I have to and the struggles I go through.. I love her and miss her and very happy she is with our heavenly father! I can’t wait to see her again..

I miss you and love you Audrie and happy 5th birthday!!!! You are loved very much!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Lord’s House (The Temple)

   Today I got to go to the temple! I haven’t been there since Allison was here and that was a long time ago. It has been too long and I hope to never wait this long again. I did feel like I shouldn’t go, I felt I wasn’t worthy enough to be in the lords house, I lost my trust and faith in him etc., but my heart told me I needed to go.

   Funny how things get in the way of going to the Temple, I was rushing to make sure I was 20min early and I was constantly coming in and out of the door. First I couldn’t find my lip gloss, then I forgot my temple recommend, and then I walked out the door without my KEYS!!!!! How was I gonna get to the temple???

   As I was getting ready for the temple I realized I needed to shave my legs. I ran the water and sat at the edge of the tub and my mom came in to do her hair and asked me “Why did you curl your hair? You are gonna get it wet anyways?” I told her b/c I needed to look nice for the boys lol.. But as she left for work I started to think about what she asked me. Why did I just waste time curling my hair? It was gonna get wet anyways. Then the answer came to me!! I didn’t do it for the boys I did it for my father in heaven. I wanted to look nice going into his home and be presentable. I mean we dress casual for church for the exact same reason. Right?

   As I was on my way to the temple I listen to church music. It was very uplifting and to know that my father was there for me. I got to the temple and rushed in because I was not 20min early. I was nervous b/c I hadn’t been to the temple in forever!! I was lost again and scared and as I talked with some of my friends I felt a little over whelming of peace and comfort. I was soo much at peace being in the lord’s house! I LOVED IT!! As I baptized those who are passed on I felt their spirit very strongly..

   Lately I have been feeling lost, lonely, out of place, and so much more. I had lost my trust in my heavenly father once again; I lost my faith in him. I think its b/c I get impatient. I know my heavenly father loves me and is mindful of me, I just needed a reminder.

   Leaving the lord’s house is so hard! Bishop Spear told me one time that it was fun to see everyone rush into the temple, everyone is in a hurry to get in but as people leave they take their time. I did that. I walked slowly out. When I got out of the restroom I sat down for a bit then got up, went to the waiting room to talk to Shayla and then slowly walked out the doors. I didn’t want to leave…

   I am very blessed to have the friends I have they are wonderful!!! (Cathy, Anna B, Anna W., Katie, Melanie, Olivia, Dawn, Allison, and best of all SARAH!) Oh can’t forget my favorite married couple Garrett and Sallie!! I am great full to serve with Melanie, Cathy and Amy! I am great full to have amazing VT Shayla and Sam!! (Thank you so much) And not to forget my home teacher Carter and my past home teacher Heath!! You 2 young men have made a huge impact in my life in many ways! Thank you! Last I’m grateful for the lord and the family he put me with. I love my family!! My mom, dad, brothers, sister, aunts, uncles, cousins, and best of all my GRANDMA!! I am most grateful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints.

I love you all so very much!!



Have any questions about the church go to or

Friday, March 18, 2011


A lot has not happen this spring break =( i have worked all week but im off for the next 3 days!! WOOT WOOT!!! So my adventure starts today!! Today is Coral's bday and ill be hanging with her for dinner and tomorrow is sarah's good bye party=( Not much has happen.. Im ready for summer for some summer vacation!!!!

I have Picked up a hobby it is called loom knitting.. Lots of fun!!

Thinks have been good with the family!! Yay!!

Work sucks!! Need a new JOB!!! asap!!

To be continued...

Thursday, March 3, 2011


This is a little rant... I hate history!! i am sitting in my history class wanting to walk up and leave.. I really dont like my teacher... maybe that is why i hate this class.... that is all..


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Scripture Studies

Since i have been back home my mother has started scripture studies for the family and we are studying the book of mormon. I cant tell you how it has already been a blessing studying to gether as a family. I enjoy it very much. Also things are going good at home. I have been here a week and have not fought with my parents or siblings. I have helped my mom around the house =)
I truly beleive that things are going great b/c of my scripture studies. I know it wont always be like this but i knoww i can pull through.. I Do miss my grandma a lot =( im actually thinking of going down to roswell for sprink break. I miss our movie dates, going out to eat, hanging out etc. I also miss my apt!!but im liking being at home =)

I also think im coming closer to my sister and this is a shocker. I have got to spend quality time with her and i enjoy it. She may not know this but i love her and love the time we spend together... Even though she can be a brat..

School is supper hard and im struggling.. My education class requires a lot of time and effort..
Well this week has been a blessing and im looking foward for the weekend =)